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Frequently Asked Questions

3 Steps to Certification

1.  Eligible providers (MD, DO, DC, APN, APRN, NP and PA) can apply for a certified Medical Examiner account with the DOT/FMCSA before or after they complete this training program.

2: Enroll in our self-paced 8-10-hour program to acquire your personalized Certificate of Completion.

3: Schedule the $79 NRCME medical examiner exam using your National Registry certification number, with either a PSI or Prometric testing company. To locate testing centers near you visit Google Maps and search for “PSI testing center” or “Prometric testing center”. 

The day you sit for the exam you will need the following:

1. Certificate of Completion from this course.
2. A valid state issued photo ID, where your name matches your Certificate of Completion.
A copy of your current medical license.

Once the DOT have received your passing test results from the testing company, you will receive an email from the DOT with an official certificate indicating your status as a Certified Medical Examiner now listed on the National Registry. Submit your monthly examination results to the DOT for all activity, including non-activity, via your online account with the DOT. Failure to report may result in your removal from the program.

More than 3 weeks: If it has been more than 3 weeks since you applied for your National Registry number, or more than 3 weeks since you passed the national exam, and you have heard nothing back from the DOT, check your junk mail before contacting the DOT directly at (recommended) or by telephone at 617-494-3003. Please note, training and testing companies do not assign a provider their National Registry number, and the DOT will not discuss provider accounts with anyone other than the provider.

Refresher Training: To remain eligible for listing on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) National Registry (NR) and as required under 49 CFR 390.111(a)(5)(i) Certified Medical Examiners must maintain medical examiner certification by completing training and testing requirements. The FMCSA will provide the required (5) year refresher training online to Medical Examiners at no cost. Medical Examiners eligible to take the (5) five-year periodic online training will be notified by email from the FMCSA.

Click here to enroll in our DOT certification training program to become a medical examiner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to complete the NRCME Training Institute training program?
Participants will read the 11 modules and complete the 11 quizzes in our online classroom, complete a Final Test at the end of the program to demonstrate mastery of the materials, and then print their Certificate of Completion, which documents eligibility to take the national certification examination. This program will take between 8-10 self-paced hours to complete, depending on prior knowledge and experience.

What is included in the NRCME Training Institute training program?
Our program includes 730-day unlimited access to our online training course, which includes a 500+ sample question bank, a Pretest Review, a Study and Reference Guide, the 2014 and 2017 Medical Examiner Handbooks, and the Medical Examiner Report forms, all in PDF file format, available to download for offline review, searching, and printing. There are no printed books or videos that accompany the course, allowing us to provide users with a low-cost, high-quality training program.

 Medical providers who did not take our program and are seeking additional NRCME study materials and sample questions to prepare for the national certification examination can purchase our program's reference materials for only $99 by clicking here.

When was this course last updated?
This medical examiner training program content was last updated November 19, 2018.

Are there any discounts for providers and groups?
To enroll 2 or more providers at the group rate of $250 per provider, please use the discount code 250grouprate during checkout. For more information on group enrollments for office administrators, please see our Administrators page. Please call us at (941) 600-8411 for any current single provider discounts.

Is there CME credit for the NRCME Training Institute training program?
Yes, the program is approved for up to 10 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ / 10 ANCC contact hours. This program is accredited through the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine.

Is the certification examination included in the NRCME Training Institute training program?
The FMCSA require that the medical examiner training program and national certification examination are provided by separate organizations - no single organization can offer both. After completion of the NRCME Training Institute training program, the participant will sign up for and take the national certification examination. That examination is taken in person (not online) and currently costs $79.

What does the national certification test consist of, what is required for passing, and what if I don’t pass?
The national certification test is 120 questions taken over 2 hours. A score of 71% is required to pass. The examiner will receive instant notification of pass or fail. If failed, the examination may be re-taken in 30 days. Read more about the NRCME national exam.

How long is NRCME certification good for?
10-years and the re-certification is required 10-years from the original certification date. The FMCSA will provide the required (5) year refresher training online to Medical Examiners at no cost. Medical Examiners eligible to take the (5) five-year periodic online training will be notified by email from the FMCSA.

What will certified medical examiners be required to do after they are added to the National Registry?
As of May 21, 2014, certified medical examiners are required to electronically report driver medical examination information to the NRCME monthly. This may be reported by the medical examiner, or by administrative assistants designated by the medical examiner. The management of all of these issues is accomplished by going to the main federal NRCME website and using the LOGIN button. After logging in, the medical examiner can then designate administrative assistants, report CMV driver exam results, and manage related information. Medical examiners are required to submit an electronic report for each driver exam conducted in the prior calendar month; if no driver exams were conducted during the month, this information must be reported.

How can an employer verify that a medical examiner is on the National Registry and/or find a certified medical examiner?
Anyone may visit the National Registry website and search for a medical examiner in the registry of certified medical examiners.

How often do drivers need examinations?
At least every 2-years, more frequently depending on medical conditions.

What equipment is needed for the examination?
Snellen vision, dipstick urinalysis, and blood pressure cuff.

Is it required to collect blood and urine during the examination? 
No blood. Dipstick urinalysis for specific gravity, glucose, blood, and protein.

Is it required to screen for illegal drugs?
No, however some drivers will request a drug test to oblige their employer.
For more information see the DOT Overview of Drug and Alcohol Rules.

How long is the CDL certification good for?
Driver certification is at least every 2-years, with some drivers needing certification annually. Medical examiner certification is every 10-years, education required every 5-years.

What is an "intrastate only" driver?
FMCSA regulations apply only to interstate drivers - drivers who transport goods and materials from one state to another, who pass through another state even if goods and materials are transported to and from destinations within a state, or who transport goods and materials that originated in a state different from their destination state (e.g., UPS, FedEx, and DHL drivers).

Drivers who do not meet the definition for interstate drivers may be eligible for intrastate only driving. Each state has its own standards for intrastate drivers, and drivers must apply to the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to obtain authorization to drive commercially within the state. When a driver does not meet DOT/FMCSA interstate driving standards, buy meets a given state's intrastate standards, the designation "Intrastate only" should be indicated on the Medical Examiner's Certificate and on the Medical Examination Report.

If a driver requires a waiver or exemption to be an intrastate driver, this should be indicated on the Medical Examiner's Certificate and the Medical Examination Report (just as it would be for an interstate driver).

Where can I find live DOT NRCME classroom training?
Since the 2014 compliance date, there are not enough providers in one location to make it profitable for any training company to continue offering ongoing live classroom training. There may be, however, live training classes offered from time to time in large cities. The NRCME Training Institute has prepared over 10,000 providers nationwide since 2013 to sit for the national exam to be certified. Enroll in our accredited online program today to begin your certification process.

How do I create an account with the DOT FMCSA?
Effective 6/22/2018, all medical examiners listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (National Registry) must create an account with to access their National Registry account. If you do not already have a account, you must create a account to access to your National Registry account. Click here for links and directions.

Where can I find DOT medical examiner forms and applications?
You can download MCSA-5870, MCSA-5875, MCSA-5876, and MCSA-5895 forms directly from the FMCSA - Click here

What is the quickest way to become DOT certified?
It can take the DOT 1 to 3 weeks to verify a provider's credentials before they assign and email them their National Registry number. The DOT have also been known to assign and email a National Registry number before they have verified a provider's credentials. It is therefore recommended to complete the training program as quickly as possible to obtain the Certificate of Completion, required to apply for an account with the DOT. Once providers have applied with the DOT, they can then go back over the material at a more reasonable rate while waiting for the verification to be completed. Providers will only know they have been verified by the DOT when they can schedule their national NRCME exam with either PSI or Prometric testing companies, who access a restricted DOT database for provider verification when a provider attempts to schedule the exam.

Please contact us with any questions not answered on this page and we wish you the best on your exam.



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